Here’s a very odd mashup I just made. 

New Mashup!

I made a new mashup of Sigur Ros vs. Juicy J. Sacrilegious, I know. 

Debut music video from Beneficial for the title track off the upcoming album “Speakeasy”. I directed the video with John Pitt. 

Leap Motion Geco Experiment 2

Gestural Synthesizer control. 

Watch me wave my hands around to make cool sounds. 

Day 1 with Leap Motion Gesture Controller + Geco. Using Ableton Live and Max For Live

Experiment 1:

Operator Saw Wave + Reverb

Left Hand Up & Down = Filter Frequency

Left Hand Back & Forth = Reverb Decay Time

Right Hand Roll = Pitch

Right Hand Back & Forth = Reverb Wet/Dry

I made this half clubby/half noisey remix of dreamhouse band Birthdays’ hypnotic track “I’m Keeping Some of Mine for Me.” 

heard the new kanye song. it totally ripped off tame impala. so i made a mashup.

Get your freak on with these tracks (cooked by NATE BELASCO) like mellow alien parasites in your brain, pulsing with numb eroticism. Co-created cyborg poetics find voice in the alienated crooning of PAUL SHEPARD, slathered in autotune thicker than mayonnaise. These twin anthems - the politically questionable “Light ‘Em Up,” followed by “The Last Visible Dog” (a meditation on infinity inspired by Russell Hoban’s book, “The Mouse and His Child”) - feature hype by Dairy White.

Tremendously potent tribal pop a la Yeasayer from People Get Ready, who feature an ex-member of - you guessed it - Yeasayer. Splendid tunes.

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Catchy song. Awesome animation. 

 ”Kill all the Jews and Christ occurs” - Mitt Romney

He said that. For realsies. Ish.

This is my video remix of Romney’s candid camera angry rant about Mormonism. 

Here’s my latest NEWSBEAT, a video remix of the 3rd Presidential Debate.  Mitt Romney sure likes jobs a lot…

I made this remix of Romney’s infamous “binders full of women” line. Plus I made him say some other stuff…

Some dude put together a mini album of impressionistic folktronica that’s pretty coool. Wait what? That dude is me? Shameless self-promotion? No way. But yeah, you should probably check it out.